Downloadlagump3gratis Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb Tool Kit - Double Sided Blade Rake Comb Grooming Comb - Removes Loose Undercoat, Knots, Mats and Tangled Hair:Downloadlagump3gratis
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Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb Tool Kit - Double Sided Blade Rake Comb Grooming Comb - Removes Loose Undercoat, Knots, Mats and Tangled Hair:Downloadlagump3gratis

Pecute Published in October 22, 2018, 3:23 am
 Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb Tool Kit - Double Sided Blade Rake Comb Grooming Comb - Removes Loose Undercoat, Knots, Mats and Tangled Hair:Downloadlagump3gratis

Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb Tool Kit - Double Sided Blade Rake Comb Grooming Comb - Removes Loose Undercoat, Knots, Mats and Tangled Hair:Downloadlagump3gratis

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Merrieweather Reply to on 19 June 2017
I have four indoor cats. Two short hair b&w, a tortie and a longhaired ginger so the Lino on my kitchen floor is frequently covered in tumbleweed!
The dematter had no effect at all on the two shorthairs, but the comb picked up a surprising amount. The tortie, Izzy-the-Whizz, has very thick short hair that mats quickly and it's not something you can get to with scissors. The dematter removed this very quickly and without tugging. I think I could use this frequently on her with no negative effect on her coat.

On the long haired ginger, Henry, it did remove a lot of the tangles (poor boy, he hates being brushed) without much complaint, but it took out an awful lot of his soft underfur. Not sure if you would want to use this too often, especially in winter, as he did look quite thinned-out. He certainly didn't get stressed by it, but I still wasn't allowed near his trousers!
I thought the comb was just a price-filler but it's actually very useful and seems to be better than an average cat comb. Very pleased I bought it as it's made it less stressful for everyone - including me!
Life Reply to on 16 January 2018
My goodness, after 48 years with cats, 25 of those owning my own...I FINALLY found the right tool to loosen clumps enough to brush them out relatively easily. I’ve spent so much money over the years on this challenge. My elderly cat (17) had some horrible clumps that she would not even let me touch and a few others here and there where she now grooms less frequently. This tool she sort of groaned a bit but let me do it and it worked. The horrible clumps are gone. I had to work them a bit, it didn’t happen immediately, but kept at it and within 10 minutes...brushing through with a regular brush after using both of the tools in the kit...all gone. Her fur is like a 1 year old!
Eloise Reply to on 21 March 2017
This dematting comb is excellent for my 2 westies. It has a good grip and glides through the dogs fur really smoothly. My westies have 2 coats and this manages to comb both without tugging or pulling. Its the first time my dog actually wants to be groomed. It takes matted fur out without leaving steps in the fur like a scissors would. My girl dog has a "skirt" and this comb keeps her looking smart. Definitely recommended.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 April 2018
My pedigree Maine Coon cat is long-haired and short-tempered. When she gets a fur mat, I have a couple of chances to comb it out before she combs me with her claws! Until now I've been using one of those curved, flat mat cutters with a small razor in the bend and a long plastic prong to slip through the fur so the mat reaches the hidden razor. This tool is much better. It works, and quickly. If you're looking for a quick mat remover, this tool does the job. The comb is redundant, if you already have a comb, and for cats, it's too coarse a comb anyway.
The mat remover tool is safe because the edges that touch the skin are blunt and smooth, with the cutting edges hidden inside. Foolproof. My only beef is that I think the price is high for the product. But at least it works. If you can't find it cheaper elsewhere, go for it!
Ronnie Reply to on 23 December 2017
Had been looking for a dematting tool and ordered this one which was a great price plus had the comb included. This is excellent quality and I have seen similar ones at my pet shop but the price was far higher. I have to admit this is much better quality than the store ones, it comes packaged in a high quality box which I use to store it in too. Very easy to use and has the different size sides to use on either dogs or cats. I have a shih tzu and he has shown no distress when I use this on him.
Mrs. S. E. Mathews
Mrs. S. E. Mathews Reply to on 1 April 2018
I have to say that for an implement that looks like a device used for torture, this works remarkably well. I have a border collie crossed with some breed that has A REALLY thick coat... on top of another coat. I used it tentatively at first because I thought it might hurt him but he didn't mind it at all. He was almost relieved to get rid of a lot. Even under his ears where I thought would be a little most sensitive, I found him pushing back against me as if he was enjoying it. I'd certainly recommend this product.
Miai Reply to on 18 March 2017
Struggling with matted fur, a cat brush and a few claw swipes. This grooming kit arrived today and have managed to get rid of the matted fur easily and painlessly, cat was happy and so was I. Good product does what it says on the pack.
Mon Reply to on 7 August 2018
we have 2 long hair (part Persian) Torties and the dematting rake comb has proved brilliant. I wish I had bought it a long time ago - neither of the cats are too keen on being groomed because it usually means cutting out matting on them. We had a very expensive trip to the pet parlour in the spring because their coats were so unruly. However the rake comb has been so easy to use and got rid of any clumps - as well as thinning the coats which must be a relief for them in this hot weather. I would highly recommend for any long haired cat. We haven't used the comb yet but will do in the next few days now that their coats are in great condition.
Nana Bebe
Nana Bebe Reply to on 20 June 2018
I don’t write reviews very often but this kit is definitely worth 5 stars. It is very well made and sturdy and works very well. The dogs are well behaved when I’m using it which is a big plus. Henry views any grooming tool with great suspicion but he seems to enjoy the experience. I think this is the best investment in grooming tools that I have made for a long time
Tara Reply to on 1 October 2017
Best rake I've found for my dog, he is a staffy x German shepherd and has very thick fur, it's short other than his thick mane, worked well on all areas, he blows his coat twice a year and it was driving me crazy as no brushes could remove the clumps, this does the job.
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